Final Fantasy 11 is the Greatest Game of all Time


As an avid MMO’er, I still think FFXI has the best content for its buck amongst all it’s online competitors. I’ve been playing FFXI since it’s Japanese beta and this game is truly amazing even after its several year lifespan. The controls are highly customizable through easy to learn macros. The player may use the keyboard alone in play or combine the use with the computer mouse.

The graphics are great in HD mode (max settings in the FFXI graphic tool). If you have a lower end system, the game is still beautiful in default mode. The game has a solid population over 2 million. You can always find a party or someone to help you out in a needed quest, in game mentor, and etc.

In 2009, the developers has tuned the game to their customers wishes. They introduced a encryption device for in game use and new mini expansions you can purchase via in game & download. Also, you can download the game directly from online vendors for half the cost of the retail price.

FFXI has a slower feel than most MMO’s on the market. The slower process gives you time to truly customize your character’s strengths. Thus, gives you the feeling of actually walking in your character’s shoes. The mature player base and community shines above the rest. The game’s crafting is complex and addictive. Bird raising is an art form and is quite fun. Racing your own bred bird in nation events is addictive and fun. Not to mention the art of capture and battle your favorite monsters in via chamber events. There is so much to do in this game!

You might have heard from others that this game is on its final breath of life to speak. This is not true. I enjoy my gaming on the world of Fairy by the name of Flashlight and there are at least 2000 plus players logged in at prime time. The developers are in the works for a new expansion for XI along with 2 new classes to add to the game. Final Fantasy XI is alive and well! As of 2010, I know several people that came back to Final Fantasy XI.