Final Fantasy 11 was a Massive Revolution in 2002


Really ambitious in all fronts. Something you don’t see nowadays. The early game is too focused on solo but you can play it with friends or other people doing the same thing you are with no problems (unless you don’t use the wiki because you are in for a ride). Make sure you try out the trial from the Square Enix store first to see if it’s your thing. Also join the Asura server if you are wondering where to go. That’s where the English speaking cluster is at.

Someone said that you pay for the download and you don’t. You pay for the product registration code you will get when you open the game in Steam. Just wanted to clear that out. One of the biggest & best FF games ever made!
Awesome music! Epic battles, nostalgic graphics.

But really…not being able to play this on PS4 is sad. (because that’s where it belongs). PC version is great, but would be greater sitting in my couch playing this on my PS4, being able to stream at the same time. This game has a very rough and annoying user interface because it was designed for the playstation 2 and never properly modified for the PC.

It is however the best game ever. Except tonberries look silly in this game all warty and nasty and not uber cute like the ones in other final fantasy games.