Final Fantasy 12 is the FF Game With the Highest Budget

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FF12 is the final fantasy game with the highest budget in the series running at around $48 million, was it worth it? Yes, best game in the series. XII definitely has the most interesting universe and im glad that XIV borrows heavily from it. I just realized it’s combat system is more like a CRPG than a JRPG. I used to think it’s like a single player MMORPG. They could actually tweak FFXII’s gameplay into a turn based RPG. I think the FF7 remake would be like this since they said they would be adding turn based combat. Does it feel at all like playing 12? I have fond memories of playing 11 and its aesthetic. They actually pulled off scale on the PS2 without making the game ridiculous, so probably. There’s no way its budget is more than XIII and XV, though.

I still don’t get how the Zodiac edition is that much better from the original. You can speed it up and get to the point where the game plays itself much faster. One of the weird quirks of FFXII is that most chests have RNG loot. I think Knot of Rust always has a chance of appearing. The biggest problem with the maps besides the shitty RNG treasure is that you dont get rewarded for exploring. Its often just the same looking maze with no nice vistas, secret areas/characters/fights/treasures/shops, no additional character interaction, etc. If I knew that was the case each and every time; I would have made a bee line to the end of the dungeon instead of exploring it. If they only applied the same design sense they did to the cities to the actual dungeons; it would have made the experience a lot less mindlessly boring.

I don’t know why people pretend it wasn’t. I had played every FF from 6 to 10 by that point and when I played FF12 day one I thought that was the tightest shit I had ever played. You start the game with Rabanastre being so huge you could spend two hours just talking to people and being lost roaming around. That city alone was bigger than every area combined of the first 10 hours of FF10. Then you would walk into the desert and just explore for hours and hours just figuring out how deep that would go. I had never experienced this in a FF to the point that I was scared of going too far and never be able to come back. Remember the previous single-player mainline FF was a game that you could beat by holding up 95% of the time. Then that game was finally the first challenging mainline FF in the entire history of the series. Bosses actually made you think about your setup, and then endgame bosses had gimmicks to them that forced you to change your gambits. You actually had to use buffs and debuffs, status ailments actually mattered, getting a better weapon made a huge difference, and even if you failed you had access to three reserve party members to save yourself from a bad spot instead of having an instant game over the moment your visible party dies. That shit was dope as fuck. I don’t know why people pretend it wasn’t. FF10 wasn’t even a game, you could spend 200 hours in FF12 and still have to do actual content you have never seen before. And the fucking music bros…that shit had so much soul. This game has some of the most tasteful monologues i’ve heard in any video game ever. Cid’s final speech is godlike, voice acting is just unimaginably good and the script is solid too.