Final Fantasy 14 is Good In Spite of Square Enix


Final Fantasy a realm reborn is an amazing MMORPG experience. Since the days of world of warcraft no other mmorpg has been able to match the game play and addiction that world of warcraft created. For the first time since world of warcraft I believe a company has finaly surpassed the standards set by WOW. FFXIV is a game that will keep you interested with its great story line and cool dungeons, along with the ability to make one character and then master evey single class rather than just one or two. I believe that Square Enix has created a game worthy of being called the best MMORPG ever made. Check this game out I dont think you will be disapointed!

All kidding aside this is a really good MMORPG. The story is incredibly well done, there’s no need to make alt characters because a single character can be every class/every profession. The story line starts a little slow but after about level 30ish it really picks up. You’ll start to love all the main NPC characters. There is 100’s of hours of content, from Dungeons and Expert Dungeons to Raids and Primals. Each class feels unique from one another. This game is alot of fun with plenty of content and generally nice communitiy. THe only downside is square enix is awful and you have to go through them to play.