Final Fantasy 14 is Pure Final Fantasy to the Core


FFXIV:ARR is a great game in my opinion. Graphics look great, fighting is fast and exciting, most of the community is helpful, crafting and gathering is fresh and has many perks. I have a large background in RPGs and MMORPGs. After playing this game a while I can confidently say that this game excells where many others fail. With a solid story line, great supporting NPCs, and engaging content, this game keeps you entertained and wanting more and more. With it’s first expansion just weeks away, now is a good a time as any to pick this game up and dive in to a rich story, amazing boss battles, and one of the best MMO communities there is.

Que times can take a while but if you join a decent FC people are usually willing to help, especially since you get bonus Gil/Exp/Currency for helping someone run a dungeon for the first time. I love that you only need 1 Character to level all the classes. 14 Free day trial or up to level 20 is a pretty generous trial for a game of this magnitude. My only complaint is the amount of kitty people. But that’s not really SE fault. This is pretty much my first MMO, I’m not counting my brief play of WoW. This is Final Fantasy to the core. Amazing story, great graphics, and extremely fun to play.