Final Fantasy 14 is the Best MMORPG Of All Time Ever


A very solid MMORPG. Sticks to many of the traditional aspects that made the genre popular while putting its own spin on things, as well as keeping the Final Fantasy vibe alive and well. Final Fantasy fans who are not very familiar with MMORPGs will find this to be a good entry point into the genre. MMO fans should get enjoyment out of it even if they are not big into the Final Fantasy series, although they may not appreciate it as much as somebody who is very familiar with the Final Fantasy series. Even if you aren’t a fan of playing MMOs, you can still get a good experience just by playing through the main storyline. Since the first month of game time comes free, that gives you more than enough time to play through the story if that’s all you desire to do. It’s definitely worth picking up and trying. It’s a fun game and my MMO of choice.

The choice on different jobs on one single character is really good system. I’ve been so tired to lvl again and do the main story again and again to get a new job. Although the lvling for jobs after the first job is really painful, I prefer that than watch the same story again and again.
The gathering and crafting for me, is the best design in this game. I am not a hardcore player, so when I feel tired on doing my raids, I usually just go fishing or something else. It left the choice for player not only to fight, but somehow live in this game world. Furthermore, the Gold Saucer is also another way to take a rest. I think ff14 really provide player anothe world to live in, not only a tons of boss to kill.

This game is simply incredible. I played many MMOs in my life, going from WOW, to guildwars (both) to rift, to ESO, and many other less well known MMOs and this one takes the trophey! Amazing graphics, great social interactions, lots to do! It might possess a monthly fee but it is the only one that i am willing to pay. never have I lasted long in other MMOs due to the montly fee but this one is the exception. For skeptical Final Fantasy ex-fans… This game redeems all the previous failures that Square Enix may have made!!