Final Fantasy 14 is the Game of the Decade


With the current stagnant landscape of the MMO genre what do you think must be done to save it? What logical endpoint are current MMOs reaching? Are Sandbox Survival games like Rust/Ark the next step in a player controlled world? Is the genre better off dead? You would need a unique take on the genre. Multiplayer has to play a big role or theres no reason for it to be an mmo. You need to make the multiplayer the main focus.

Final Fantasy 14 is literally game of the decade. The genre is far from dying and subscriptions for XIV are record highs. If the sub didn’t filter retards and third worlders it’d easily be the highest reviewed expansion launch ever. WoW killed MMORPGs because after WoW everyone just copies WoW

with that said, i think Final Fantasy 14 is the best MMORPG currently, and is actually quite a good game considering how soul-less modern games are. FF14 still has some real charm and soul, and that is rare for a modern game. All the crazy shit everyone suggests saying the genre is stagnant and desperately requires something revolutionary is overplaying the issue. The only problem with the genre is that there just hasn’t been a good new game in fucking ages. There doesn’t have to be some BIG NEW GROUNDBREAKING FEATURE, it just needs to be a good fucking game. Good gameplay, worthwhile endgame goals, optional PvP, decent social elements and don’t screw it all up by getting greedy for money. That’s it. That’s all it takes. FFXIV does maybe one and a half of those and it’s still managing to be very successful, everything else hasn’t even managed to accomplish one of them.

It isn’t that hard to make a good MMO, it seems that most game devs are lazy pieces of shit who don’t want to put their effort to make a good game. FF14 is a good game because they put some fucking effort into making the game, rebuilding it, and constantly improving it.