Final Fantasy 4 Has Good and Bad Points


This game is much better than I remember it being. Yeah you’ve gotta level grind a bit sometimes, but I think that’s the only con I would give this game. It has a fantastic story and a cast of memorable characters! I really like how it involves the crystals, as some older Final Fantasies usually do. It was one recurring thing that I really enjoyed about the games, for some reason. It just gave the games a unique feel to them, like you just knew you were playing a Final Fantasy game.

In this game, things get real. This game isn’t afraid to pull on your heartstrings. If you’re looking to play a good Final Fantasy game or are deciding which Final Fantasy game to play first, this just may be the one for you! I highly recommend it! I’ve played this game in all it’s variants since it first came out on SNES so many years ago. The addition of augments and new game plus give a little bit more than I was used to, but I think they do a very good job of adding to this game vs. detracting or being too much _

+ Character-driven plot that evolved & progresses in ways 1 & 3 could not pull off (2 was also an improvement in this regard, though was held back by a terrible combat leveling system)
+ First in the series to introduce ATB; forces player to think & react quickly in battles
+ Very well-paced plot with a plethora of memorable scenes
+ Incredible & enduring OST
+ ATB aside, general combat & leveling system takes the ’Ol Reliable approach; nothing terribly innovative, but everything works
+ Memorable characters with evolving personalities
+ Voice-acting is surprisingly not terrible throughout

+/- No class system as in previous entries