Final Fantasy 5 Updated Graphics Port is Good


Despite the changed graphics, this is one of the best if not the best version of ff5 to play outside of the original Super Famicom version. It includes all of the extras from the GBA version (without dropping the sound quality due to the GBA hardware), fixes some bugs (for better and for worse), and the soundtrack is amazing like most final fantasies. The graphical changes don’t detract from this game nearly as much as they do for the ios/android/Steam version of ff6, especially since the new style fits the tone and original graphics and sprites of ff5 much better than ff6 (with ff6’s darker and more somber tone and original color palette along with the original ff6 sprites being already of super high quality). The menus in battle and out of battle are also much cleaner than ff6’s, imo, and feel less like a ported phone game.

I enjoyed this version of the game quite a lot. It is very nice to be able to skip turns in this during battle in this version compared to the older versions, and doing four job fiestas (Final Fantasy 5: Four Job Fiesta on a search engine will tell you what this is) on this version is very much doable regardless of lacking certain glitches.

I experienced little to no crashes when playing this game compared to Squar Enix’s other offerings on steam such as FF3 and Chrono Trigger (before Chrono Trigger was “fixed”). I’ll probably end up purchasing this game yet again when it is inevitably ported to the Nintendo Switch hahaha.

Now please Square Enix, would you get around to porting the ios/android version of Dragon Quests 4-6 to Steam already? Thanks.