Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo Looks Good But Does it Have the Same Magic?

ff7 remake

Disappointment of the decade. Why did they retcon Shinra to be the one dimensional bad guys with the bomb instead of making Avalanche the ambigous bad guys like the original? What makes you think Shinra are the bad guys? They were the largest contributors to Avalanche’s success.

not sure how I feel about the combat system,
in the heat of battle it felt clunky and unintuitive,
maybe I need more time with it and to take a second to understand the mechanics but from the first pass of the demo it felt like a mess,
too visually busy, camera didnt feel quite right, framerate was ass,
i think it needs a bit more time in the oven and it really could truly be great.

It’s not a retcon, the bomb not being made to blow the entire reactor was in the original game. They just never added to it because 7 was very rushed. First playthough I figured it was just me needing more time to adapt to a new system. But after going through it a couple of times, yeah it’s just wonky. Not difficult, just clunky. The fov is too tight, the UI is too small for a turn based and the controls are too sloppy for an action game. It tries to be both and falls somewhere in the middle, failing to be excel at either.

Has the makings of something amazing, but compromised too much to pander to both camps. Hope I can learn to like it. Felt awkward as fuck to play though.