Final Fantasy 7 Remake is Going to Suck

squarenix rip

In the most recent footage it appears they’ve corrected her some more, although not fully restored to the original size. Smart move to change it later. The journalists and perpetually offended really only bothered to look at the reveal. They will probably never notice any change. That’s some good news at least. Sad thing is the more I watch on it the better it looks but realistically we won’t be able to play the full game for 5 or 6 years, and that’s assuming everything goes well with it’s development. You’ll also have to deal with all the potential drama journalists and retardera will start in that time to change the game to their liking. Then you have all the other issues on top of that that just bring what could be potentially a great game right back down.

Filtering story and dialogue through a literal Orwellian “ethics department” to make sure nothing offends anybody. Why do modern game devs absolutely refuse to compress their fucking games nowadays? Why bother compressing or optimising when consumers have shown they’re willing to pay top-dollar for 100GBs of 30fps/720 with frame drops and post-processing so severe you can’t see fucking any finer details anyway? I never understood the autism about it and people who tried to compare the bust of her chibi/low-poly model in PS1 FF7 when she’s been nerfed ever after that in media. I suppose that wasnt helped with the dev interview mentioning an “ethics department” (which is likely different than what people on the internet tend to think about) and the FF8 censor (which was just another issue among the pile of problems of the “remaster”).

For me the reduction in tiddy size was never the main issue. What bothers me is the terrible redesign of her outfit for no apparent reason, other than the dictates of the ethics committee. Also in almost all of the material I’ve seen she looks sad, insecure and like she’s about to cry. In the end none of this matters, because I’m not really interested in the game at all. If I want to play FF7 I can already do that. This is just part of the cultural strip mining in an age where companies can’t think of anything new that’s good and instead try to relive old glories by selling inferior versions of them in shinier packages.

The DLC will either be stuff that’s new, and therefore shouldn’t really even be in a remake, or stuff from the original that should’ve been in from the beginning. It could also be the worst of all: badly remade things that can be replaced with badly remade things that are more like the original if you buy DLC. My real question, though, is what will happen if the console generation changes between games? We we get the remake of the remaster so you can finally play the entire damn game at once? What will happen if they pull a Valve (or almost any other episodic game series dev) and just never release the second or third episode? What happens if someone plays the second or third episode without playing the first or second? What if the first episode is so badly received that Square feels they have to rework the second or third episodes in order to not lose money? What if all the FF7 fans are too old to play games before this shit finally comes out?