Forsaken World MMORPG Review

Perfect World

My first impressions of this game are that it is similar to WoW, so that is what I will compare it to. My only experience of WoW was the up to lvl 20 trial version which I played a few months back, and I must say that I enjoyed that very much. When I first started play Forsaken World, I found that I had the similar feeling as when playing the trial of WoW, except that when I reached level 20, I still had the full game at my fingertips. WoW trial ends and expects me to play £10 a month for a service which Forsaken World offers for free.

While Forsaken world may lack some of the features that define WoW, it is still a hugely valid MMO that players do not give it enough credit for.

It is a good looking game, and while the environments maybe slightly basic graphically, the aesthetic more than makes up for it (and that’s all that matters at the end of the day really), and the characters models are extreamely good.

While I only got to try out one race, there are plenty to choose from, as well as different classes, offering much needed variety and plenty of replay value once you get bored of a particular character.

The world is open and varied, and there are plenty of places to explore and perform quests in.

While I have heard complaints about the battle system, I found it standard for MMOs, and I have never heard any complaints about any MMO battle systems before, some of which are worse than Forsaken Worlds, so there are no issues there.

Overall, I feel that this game is a very valid, free alternative to World of Warcraft, it has all the charm and gameplay, without the huge pricetag. And besides, the game is free, how can you complain. Go try it.

One hell of an MMO, despite the horrible cash shop based pay to win style. You find your way around that and the no so horrible looking graphics, then you have yourself really well balanced MMO with a unique PvP system, no stupid factions, makes open world PvP fun.

Wonderful game has a good pet system which all games need. It is like a free way to play WoW. This is a exxelent mmorpg. I play this daily now it is so fun. Though the bound and real gold kinda is annoying.