Game of Thrones is Cucked

Pathetic feminist propaganda

I tried watching Game of Thrones but it made me literally want to puke because the feminist propaganda is being pushed so hard. Is this what white culture is? A bunch of pathetic weak beta male cucks who worship white whores as queens? Man, I’m really starting to become happy with the idea of white people being replaced. White people are worthless, a pathetic and disgusting culture, and I am very happy that white western countries are being flooded with non-white immigrants. White people deserve to be ethnically replaced.

Anyway the (((cultural Marxist elite))) shouldn’t be so blatant about literally ramming feminist propaganda down people’s throats because it will cause a backlash, at least in some men who still have some semblance of testosterone flowing through them. But that same (((elite))) are so consumed with their hatred of white people that they are just going full speed ahead, damn the consequences. If (((they))) had stuck to the gradual method, they could have achieved their goals within 50 years without any backlash. But no, they had to go full speed ahead with promoting feminism, homosexuality, transgenderism, and now incest, and the result is there has been a huge backlash by normal sane people.

I’m embarrassed to be of the white race because the other races aren’t such weak pussies and they look at white people with disdain and disgust and rightfully so. Any race that is as cucked as the white race deserves to be disrespected, and to have their countries invaded and taken over, which is exactly what is happening with the whole immigrant invasion.