GoldenEye 64 was the Best N64 Game


Is GoldenEye N64 really good? For a video game based on a movie, it’s god tier. But there’s not much else I can say that hasn’t been said millions of times, year after year. i remember having to wait a month to get it because it was sold out everywhere. i made my mom drive me to every electronics boutique, toys r us and department store in my city for 4 solid weekends until i finally got one at walmart. My friend played it in recent years for the first time and he didn’t understand the hype. You had to be there when it was popular to truly appreciate it. After 20 years I decided to try it again, after having played other FPS games and having become used to modern WASD controls AND despite some obnoxious shitposters crying how much Goldeneye has ‘aged’ I actually really enjoyed it, so much that I played it till the jungle stage in only a few weeks. It might not be game of the year all year or even the best licensed game but it was actually much more enjoyable than I thought at first. I still play it every so often, more so that PD because I love the structure of the missions. It’s not really a game people can easily adapt to nowadays which is understandable, I have more than 20+ years of experience with the console and controller so I know I’m a minority. It paved the way for future console shooters, that’s why it’s so important, whether it’s good or not by today’s standards is the unfortunately reality that we’ve been spoiled by much better technology and controllers. I will always love this game, I don’t expect people to feel the same.