Happy Mother's Day to all the White Women out There!

White women are demons

There’s a really intelligent computer hacker guy named weev who runs that popular Daily Stormer blog. He published an article today and I’d like to quote a couple of his statements and give my own commentary on them.

“I know not one member of my peer group that had a decent woman for a mother. And I know almost none of my peers have children. The white world is facing a crisis, and all of it is rooted in women’s refusal to serve as faithful wives to eligible men from their own race and community.”

I think any honest man under the age of 40 will agree with this. Did any of us have a proper caring loving mother? No. Our mothers were all roasties, whores, abusive psychopathic bi-polar cunts who took out their frustration at the alphas not fucking them past the age of 25 on their male children. For the most part, I am referring to WHITE women, which is why the idea of white supremacism is fucking stupid. Brown women take good care of their children. White women on the other hand, have been evil vile cunts throughout history. White women have never been good mothers at any time in history. Why in the fuck would we want to “save the white race” when white women are deeply evil people due to their own genetic nature? If whites go extinct, it means no more white women.

“As you are told by society at large this Mother’s Day how much you owe to women in your life, you should ask yourself what they have really done for you. Have any of the women in your life fulfilled their roles as dutiful wives and mothers? Do any of them deserve more than your total contempt? What have they really earned from you?”

Indeed, weev. Do we “owe” our mothers for abusing us and psychologically damaging us? Abusing young children is incredibly evil and sets them up for lifelong problems and yet pretty much ALL modern white women abuse their children. On this Mother’s Day, let’s all tell our mothers “Thank you for abusing us severely as children and setting us up for lifelong psychological problems due to the sadistic abuse you inflicted on us as young boys”. White women are literal monsters. White women are deeply, deeply evil people.