Having Kids is Completely Stupid Unless It's a Female HAPA

no point

To be honest, the is really no reason to get kids.
1. The world is overpopulated
2. The kids today are just plain dumb because of all the social media BS, even if you raise them well, there is not a 100% chance they will turn out “right”
3. Kids are fucking expensive, especially if they study until they are 25 and then move out
4. Our school system is fucked up, there is Genderstudies and still obligatory Religion hour
5. Most kids are raised by a single parent these days, you won’t stay with you SO for ever after a birth these days, that also have to work to even have a chance for both surviving

There are more cons than pro to have kids. Unless you’re a immigrant that does not have to work and gets extra money per child, that is why they have an average of 5 kids. Everyone knows that fucking Asians is all for white men. The MTDNA of Europe has got fucked over by the roastie uprising and now nig grade MTDNA like H1 are the most common. To combat this we are bringing in wives from Asia to bleach into 99% white people so that future generations can have their superior MTDNA.

Most western women will just kidnap your kids in divorce and try to drive you to suicide by denying you custody or contact with them. So it’s pointless anyway. Just have FEMALE kids with an asian woman. If it’s a male HAPA, abort it in the womb. Only female HAPAs