Heidi O'Ferrall is a Criminal who is Going to Jail

Defamation is a crime

Heidi O’Ferrall has been committing non-stop slander and defamation of her ex-husband over the past week. Due to her defamation of Jared, her ex-husband, he has lost around 200,000 YouTube subscribers and also lost a deal with a company he was affiliated with. This is tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue for Jared. She has also caused severe emotional and psychological duress to Jared, which could amount to literally millions of dollars in compensation.

At the very least, Heidi is going to get sued for defamation by Jared’s lawyers and she will lose all of her income which will be automatically forfeited to Jared. This is how fucking stupid American women are. They think they can make false accusations with impunity and that there are no consequences. We will see who is laughing when Heidi ends up going bankrupt from the lawsuit.

Men MUST start holding women accountable for their crimes. Only then will this toxic behavior of white women stop. And for fuck’s sake, white men need to stop marrying white women. We all know that the divorce system is stacked against white men. Why give these toxic bitches any power over you? The best course of action is to go full MGTOW and literally have nothing to do with white women or hell, any American woman of any race. If you want sex, you can get that from a prostitute and a prostitute won’t falsely accuse you of rape and prostitutes are far better at sex than normal women anyway.