Heidi O'Ferrall is BPD Scum

Avoid BPD women

Take a good look at Heidi’s twitter posts. She is literally having a mental meltdown on twitter right now because she has been caught and exposed as a lying sociopathic bi-polar disorder scum. Read her posts. Notice how she never takes responsibility for her own actions, UNTIL she was exposed as a liar? Now she is making a show of trying to take the “moral high ground” and yet she still is blaming everyone else but herself. With BPD scum like Heidi, it is always someone else’s fault.

I’ve dealt with many BPD women in my life and they all share the same behavioral patterns. They explode and lash out at the slightest imaginary provocation, and then blame the person for “abusing” them when they are the true abusers. A bi-polar woman is basically a child with the maturity level of an 8 year old. They are incredibly toxic people and it is NOT your “duty” to try to “save” or fix them. Such people cannot be fixed. They must be left alone to rot in their own misery. It does not matter if the BPD woman is your own sister, wife, girlfriend, mother, or daughter. You need to get as far away from such toxic women as possible because they WILL destroy your life. There’s no point in having “compassion” on such people.

Anyway this is all very entertaining to watch. I love watching BPD women get caught and exposed in their lies and then freak out and lose their minds. Heidi has no one to blame but herself. She is a literal monster.