Heidi O'Ferrall Lied About Many Details of Her Relationship

Heidi is a lying whore

A guy on 4chan wrote the following comment, which I found to be quite well balanced and well written. Here it is:

“What we do know about his statement and Heidi’s response is that there were a lot of details which she omitted initially.

That doesn’t look good for her. Why would she omit so many important details, if she was in the right and telling the full story?

We already know she hasn’t told the full story, and that already gives significant reason to doubt her story.

People want to take her side because she seems like a nice, wronged, woman. And hating on Jared is fun and allows people to feel like they’re righteous people coming to a poor person’s help. But the fact of the matter is that it looks like there’s a strong possibility she isn’t in the right, and that this isn’t really people’s business anyway."
(end of his comment)

Here are my comments about his comment: This is very true. Why would Heidi hide the fact that she was cheating on Jared already and forced him into an open relationship and also forced him to start a relationship with Holly Conner? She is clearly hiding important facts and trying to make herself into a victim, as women always do. Women never tell the truth and women ALWAYS blame men for all their problems. Women are incapable of taking responsibility for their own actions, like a dumb stupid animal, and so why do women have freedom and equality? If you cannot take responsibility for your own actions, you are literally an animal.

God, I can’t wait for Jared’s lawyers to file a lawsuit against Heidi for defamation and slander.