Holly Conrad Exposes Heidi O'Ferrall as a Monster

Heidi is the abuser

ProJared’s girlfriend Holly Conrad has now given her side of the story. And it shows that Heidi was the abuser all along. Read it for yourself and see the truth. The following are all quotes from Holly Conrad’s twitter posts from a couple hours ago:

In early 2018, @AtelierHeidi told @ProJared she wanted him to explore his feelings for me. She was enjoying the advantages of an open relationship (including a long-term boyfriend) and wanted Jared to do the same.

On February 7th, 2018 @ProJared took me on a walk. Despite having @AtelierHeidi’s “full permission” to do more, all we did was talk about our feelings. Jared and I were transparent about our discussion with both Heidi and all others involved with the situation.

I don’t know when @ProJared started having feelings, but I didn’t realize that I had them – at all – until then. It was like being pushed into ice water. I’ve talked about being asexual for years. I never expected to have feelings and it was terrifying.

Even though @ProJared and I had a longstanding professional and platonic relationship, Heidi never wanted us to speak again. She became extremely jealous and vindictive. Both Jared and I were scared of her.

@AtelierHeidi was so angry. I wanted @ProJared to reassure me that she had consented. He sent me this screenshot “If it makes it easier for you I will quietly go into the bedroom,” “you have full permission to do anything you want” & “I am fine and will continue to be fine.”

I tried to apologize multiple times to @AtelierHeidi. I tried gifts and words but nothing was “enough” for her. I wasn’t even sure what I was apologizing for, I just wanted to make her feel better and not be angry. But there was nothing I could do or say.

She continued to be enraged. I conveyed to her that I was happy to just be friends & professional colleagues with @ProJared. Her response was a fit of rage. Later in Feb ’18, she called me from Jared’s number and howled “I WANT MY HUSBAND TO THINK OF ME NOT YOU DURING SEX!”

Even though Jared and I had not been physical at all, @AtelierHeidi called me from Jared’s phone and SCREAMED at me. I asked her what she wanted me to do, telling her I would do anything to help her feel better. All she did was scream “GO AWAY!”

I hung up on @AtelierHeidi in fear and texted @ProJared that he needed to leave this abusive relationship. After experiencing her wrath, I turned my concern to Jared’s safety. At that point, I knew communicating with her wouldn’t work.

@ProJared and I went long stretches of time afraid to communicate outside of our D&D game. @AtelierHeidi openly fantasized about ruining our D&D show because it meant so much to us. She would use this threat to control him. He would send me her texts when he was scared.

Not wanting the marriage (and her control) to end, @AtelierHeidi constantly threatened @ProJared saying that she would ruin him, publicly accuse him of being “a cheater,” and being an abuser if he went through with the divorce.

@ProJared’s friends witnessed Heidi’s abuse. They watched @AtelierHeidi scream at Jared: at parties, at conventions, on planes, and in his own home. There was more than one intervention to encourage him to separate from her. They were scared for Jared’s safety.

After 4 attempts to separate, involving all kinds of therapists and lawyers, @AtelierHeidi only agreed to move out after she’d illegally obtained pictures and texts that she could use as leverage for her revenge campaign against @ProJared and myself.

Jared did NOT divorce Heidi on Twitter. @AtelierHeidi made the first post regarding their relationship ending and it was full of false information. @ProJared wanted to keep this a private matter. We were terrified of Heidi based on her numerous threats and extortion.

On May 7, 2019, @AtelierHeidi moved into her new home and made the following post on Facebook. She accused @ProJared of cheating on and abusing her in front of all our mutual friends, family, and our professional colleagues. She was the first one to make a public statement.

When @ProJared responded to @AtelierHeidi Facebook post neutrally, she enacted the vengeance she’d been planning for “a long time.” She LIED about not being poly and approving of the nudes. She slutshamed me. She did not mention her long-term boyfriend, or threats.

On Facebook, @AtelierHeidi called what she did a “public execution” of @ProJared, and it was incredibly hard for me to experience. Seeing the internet rally around Jared’s ABUSER to mercilessly harass both of us with no evidence beyond Heidi’s words – it put me in a dark spot.

@ProJared’s friends, who knew the details of the abuse and had urged him to leave bravely, spoke out to defend him but were quickly vaporized by the one-sided, misinformed hate machine @AtelierHeidi had activated.

Meanwhile, @AtelierHeidi gloated on Facebook, bragging that she’d been retweeted by @PerezHilton, joking that @ProJared was more famous now than ever because of her accusations, and drinking white zinfandel. Adding insult to injury, she TRIED TO STEAL HIS GOLD PLAY BUTTON.

If Heidi truly felt that she had to “flee” her “abuser,” would she ever go back to the house of the person she claims abused her? Jared paid for movers, and they’d already finished by then. Survivors typically avoid their abusers out of real fear, the way Jared has, and I have.

Leaving an abuser is DIFFICULT. It takes survivors an average of 7 TIMES to leave for good. The months @ProJared tried to separate from @AtelierHeidi were excruciating. I worried about him all the time. He was broken and I was powerless, barely able to even talk to him.

Beyond the satisfaction of revenge, @AtelierHeidi received 100k new Twitter followers by publicly and falsely accusing me of ruining their marriage and labeling @ProJared as an abuser. She began using the attention from the crisis to promote herself.

This experience has fundamentally changed my relationship to the internet. I’m still here, still putting myself out there, but it’s never going to be the same. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who didn’t comment “CHEATER” and “WHORE” on my posts.

Big thanks to all of you tweethearts who have stuck by me. You waited so patiently as I recovered and processed enough to be able to tell my side of the story. I appreciate and love you all.

source: https://twitter.com/HollyConrad/status/1130640641308991489