How Are Women Destroying the Modern Society?

society collapse

Women are breeding with the worst types of men. This is only true if women were selecting for factors that lead to the success, and advancement, of our modern civilizations. But they don’t. They still select based on purely physical reasons and only settle with a rich beta (and still cheat on him) later in life. Chad didn’t build modern civilization or modern tech. Betas did.

They are not trying to get pregnant. They are trying to fuck. Its tinder. They will happily settle down for a 6 or greater when they approach 30. Right now when her pussy is at a premium she wants Chad to fuck her brains out. Technology and the abandonment of religion has destroyed mate pairing. I don’t know what can be done to fix it either. Maybe a generation of roasties will get the memo and teach their daughters. Its doubtful. They will probably tell them how shitty men are and the cycle will perpetuate. I was married twice and now that I am single I am not even interested in trying to fuck women. I have never been attracted to slutty women. It turns me off. I am focusing on wealth creation, and once I am satisfied with my life I may consider fucking women in their 20s, but I will never marry again. It isn’t worth it.

When I briefly had Tinder on my phone back at the ass end of 2012 when it was brand new, I swiped left on every fucking profile for almost an hour straight before deleting it like the cancer it is and never looking back. Tinder girls are peak degeneracy. Most are fat too, by the way.