How Did Sega Fail so Bad?


I just still can’t get my head over how Sega failed… I mean really, with all their brilliant ideas. I mean Sega introduced Online gaming and virtual reality before anyone else. Sega was also founded right here in the US of A. Friendly reminder that Saturn and Dreamcast arcade ports are not arcade perfect no matter how much Segays want them to be. It’s pretty remarkable that the same company that housed AM2, Smilebit, Sega Rosso, made the Model 3, all these great achievements is also probably one of the most inept businesses ever that could never get out of their own way and was always too little too late. The libraries were barren, their online games were mainly ports of PC games that were better there, and VR is only just now getting to the point where it’s starting not to be a joke. They tried too hard to keep the Genesis alive through add ons, while Nintendo dominated with the SNES, from there on it was just a downwards spiral. Genesis total sold by that time, but the console was 2-3 years old when the SNES was launched. Nintendo outsold everyone during those years. Then delays to N64 and extortionist fees for development caused all the 3rd parties to jump to Sony, which resurrected the PSX that was a failure prior to 1996. Comic zone, vectorman, kid chameleon. A few of many ips that Sega need to dust off and bring back. By the end of that gen the SNES was kicking the shit out of the Genesis. The Genesis had a lot of early draw because it had some very good arcade ports and had easily the best sports games which nobody gives a shit about now because it’s all multiplat but was important then.