How did Square Enix Screw Up Final Fantasy 15 so Badly?


Reminder that Final Fantasy XV was ruined by Square Enix’s incompetent upper management as well as censorship from the Chinese government. Tabata was just the fall guy and wasn’t directly responsible for the game’s faults. VersusXIII was always shitty looking. FFXV is just the worst it could’ve possibly gotten. The part of the story where the people of Lucis worshiped the Goddess of Death Etro was cut because it was deemed counter-revolutionary by the Chinese Government. I’ve been watching the versus 13 trailers and all I can think about is the game we didn’t get.

It’s style was pure kino. But what I really wanted was for Nemoura to show off his writing style with his own game that wasn’t tied down by Disney. I feel like he wrote himself into a corner with the KH series. But alas we got the deeply flawed garbage that is FFXV. Don’t worry, Nemoura will get the last laugh with verum rex. I think it’s on XBox Pass or whatever, so people have been playing it. There’s also the whole VersusXIII thing for KH3. Both things have stirred XV-kun and his autistic orbiters. Also he’s still shitposting 7R threads. Never trust Square Enix, everything is a mock up until proven otherwise.

FFXV was bad because Nomura wasted so much time and resources on that the team was to scrap and restart it every couple of month. Tabata is a scapegoat who was only putting out Nomura’s fires and was asked to rebuild whatever was left from the ashes. There was never any outcome where it was anything other than a mediocre mess of half baked ideas. All of the idiots that didn’t have the balls to speak up just because it’s not part of MUH JAPANESE CORPORATE CULTURE are to blame. Tabata is responsible, especially of he saw he’d be the fall guy and get fired anyway. At that point there is no reason not to speak up BEFORE the company fucks you over. Same with every retard that praised Death Stranding and didn’t dare to tell Kojima to his face that his “game” was fucking shit and he needed proper gameplay for it to be interesting. Japan needs to stop this stupid fucking hierarchy shit. Remove the old Japanese men from top spots and you’d see an almost instant improvement in their game quality. I fucking guarantee it. Nomura wasn’t at fault either. The Crystal Tools engine was just a notoriously shitty engine that was a nightmare to program on. That and Toriyama was waifu-fagging hard for Lightning and forced two sequels to XIII that NOBODY FUCKING WANTED BESIDES HIM, forcing Nomura’s team to halt development on Versus XIII multiple times to help work on the XIII trilogy. Blame XIII for what happened to Versus XIII too. Vanilla XIV’s problems were completely separate from and unrelated to Toriyama’s ode to his shitty pink haired waifu clogging up the limelight for all Final Fantasy entries. In fact, I’d argue XIII was responsible for why XIV sucked at first too.