How is Marriage Legal but Prostitution Isn't?


If you’re going to have a woman living in your home, but you’re not married and you have no kids, how different is that then a whore except the payment and time? Go to the FFK and blow out the carbon, then focus on whete decent women are, volunteer where you will come into contact with nurses, or people who take care of living things, the really look for the personality without the pressure to screw them. Don’t less the sex cloud your judgement until you evaluate the person worthy of your resources and dedication. Its not true love, its a business partnership for family formation. Compartmentalize. Apply German logic. They are built to deceive and preoccupy, read Schopenhauer “On Women”, then go it it like a project.

Separate the sex from the dating. Date around but don’t have the sex with them. Set a goal to go on 50-100 dates, cheap ones where you can talk to them, meet the family, ect. When you go to the whores, do it a few towns over. Dont get seen by the locals at the brothels. And you dont have to deal with her shit the 99%of the time you’re not fucking. Do you put a roof over your plumber’s head too? Get on the train, go to the FKK, have a snack, fuck, rest, fuck, rest, go home with smile. Then ask some girl out to walk and get an Eis. You’ll be very relaxed, she’ll notice that ease. You are interviewing her for Mother job. Whore job is taken.

prostitution should be legalized, regulated, and taxed. this will solve the incel problem, as well as generating tax revenue and providing safer conditions for prostitutes. it cant be stopped, we may as well benefit from it. Liberal feminism/sex positive feminism is a co-opting of second wave liberation in the service of men. It’s given us e-thots, hypergamy, a surge in porn (and the lie that it is """empowering""" to women), and women refusing to have kids until later, which means they just fuck endlessly in their 20s. If you aren’t taking advantage of this, that’s your fault. If, like me, you’re disgusted by it, then find a traditional woman. I suggest someone raised by tiger parents (second generation Asian Americans are a good example of this, but they can be found anywhere, really).