How Screwed up Western Women are Today


- In school my old female teachers were horrible and nasty. Truly witch-like.
- The schoolgirls weren’t that nice either, quite mean-spirited.
- Girls in high school were extremely judgemental and cruel.
- Late-teens to early 20s girls/women have gigantic egos & are extremely obnoxious.
- Mid-late 20s now they become resentful of their diminishing youth & sow their wild oats.
- 30s is where they settle and become baby-obsessed.
- 40s is where I believe their hatred of men and young people ramp up to maximum.
- 50s-70s+ is where they are essentially jaded or entitled.

It’s to do with hypergamy. Women are programmed to monkey branch to the best guy they can get. For some women, ignoring men they believe lesser than them is not enough. They need to publicly belittle them so the world knows they are in fact so high status it offends them that an average guy approaches them.

I’m in my 30’s and women are all entering their post-wall years. It’s really interesting seeing this play out because the smart girls got married when they were younger but many women monkey branched their way into post-wall years and are now copeposting on facebook.

Basically feminism -normalized social and mental illness ingrained into women causes them to go haywire like a mind virus. Women basically get validated by society for experiencing a calculated and intended form of madness that is designed to destroy social order and cause chaos so that the social engineers can always sell the solution.
The problem is that the solution almost always causes another problem that needs another solution.

If women were say out living in a forest engaging in gatherring resouseces sowing and taking care of young children while eating a healthy diet and having a traditional lifestyle do you think she is going to be exposed to the conditions that cause hypergamy?

Hypergamy is the result of civilization corrupting the minds of women with so many unnatural structures not the result of womens natural inclinations and the worst yet is that people are not made aware of this but also actively encouraged by subversive media to embrace their social madness as a feature.