How to Raise Children Right

Boomers failed

Advice on how to raise children right. It is generally the spoiled rich kids who turn out the worst and are the worst assholes.

The children who have everything for granted usually grow up to be the worst. A child needs to know the concept of “nothing is free” and “your rewards are based on your actions”. That’s what determines whether you’re a good or a bad parent. As it’s your job to provide for your child it’s also your job to prepare them for the future.

My point is: if you have children or planing on having children raise them so that they know their actions have consequences e.g when he/she does something good like studying voluntarily reward him/her with something (candy, a toy, etc….) and when he/she does something bad like punching a sibling take away something as punishment (hide the TV remote, limit PC time, etc….)
And parents (boomers) failing to execute this led to the rise in communists (SJW millennials). They want free shit because they grew up getting free shit.

Very true, baby boomers failed on so many levels to raise their kids properly and never disciplined them. I am talking about white boomers, since pretty much every other race of people, like the Chinese or Indians, force their children to study hard so they will go to a good college and get a good job. Whereas boomers just let their kids sit in front of a TV for 8 hours a day and then wonder why they became NEETs?