I Hate People Who Joined the Military

trash people

FUCK the troops.
Hahahhahahaha, you little babykilling gaybitch. Got your face blown off in Iraq. You’re stupid. What kind of stupid shit were you smoking when you thought signing up to go overseas and murder innocent women and children was a good idea?
LMFAO, and then you come back and want to be treated like royalty. NOPE. WRONG GAYBITCH. I hate you and I hate your entitled self-righteous attitude and I’m glad your arms got blown off too cuz at least now there is less of you. I can only hope your dick gets blown off too so you can’t make more violent, narcissistic, sociopathic babies. There would literally never be any wars if human beings didn’t sign up for the bullshit military.

Seriously though, they are such trash, complete retards. Fuck the troops! They’re the worst. They want you to treat them special cuz “hurr hurrrr, I went and got shot at in Iraq and it was hard and YOU didn’t do it and that was easier for you!” well yeah maybe you like…….shouldn’t have done that then? Duh?