I'm a 34 year old Jewish American and I Hate White People

the truth

I’m a jewish American, 34 years old. So I have a small business, and I previously had a few Americans as employees. Guess what i did, /pol/? I fired them all and replaced them with workers from the Philippines who were willing to work for less. I was paying the American employees 45,000 a year on average. I pay the Phillippines workers 6,000 a year to do the same work, remotely from their home via the internet.

Americans are trash. The more entitled you become, the more you demand benefits and unions and welfare and bullshit, the more we jews will fire you and outsource our companies. Enjoy being homeless and dying broke in the street with not a penny to your name, American trash. You fucking disgust me and make me ashamed to be an American.

Look at the pathetic little americans, seething in rage, impotent with rage, as they all get fired and can’t do shit about it because their jewish-owned companies outsource and hire foreign cheap workers.

What you retards don’t seem to understand is, rich people are SMARTER THAN YOU. You will try to force the government to steal the money of the rich thru taxes, but rich people will already have planned out 5 steps ahead, how to hide their money from the envious seething common man who wants to steal it. The more you become envious of the rich, the POORER you will become because the rich will leave and take their business elsewhere.

The funniest part of all is, you retard white trash goyim americans cannot do a single fucking thing to stop me, or stop jews like me, from destroying your life.