Baby boomers are too hilarious to die

Actually, I DON’T want baby boomers to die off. They are too fucking hilarious to drop dead, yet at least. Check out this latest incident. It’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in years. A white baby boomer walked into a mexican restaurant in California and started screaming “I’M AN AMERICAN! GO GET ME A HOT DOG!”

God bless this based boomer for all the lulz he has caused. This happened in Anaheim, California, where Disney Land is located. This is a very white, baby boomer, racist area. Well, we already know most baby boomers are pedophiles, so the fact they are living next to Disney Land is not surprising at all. There is a Freemason restaurant in Disney Land called Number 33 or something like that. Funny how these boomers created these retarded conspiracy theories about “pizzagate” or “satanic pedophile cults” in order to deflect blame away FROM THEIR OWN CRIMES.

Anyway these lulzy incidents involving baby boomers are happening quite a lot now. I remember an incident from a month or so back. A white baby boomer was in McDonalds late at night and drunk and he started ranting and raving about how immigrants are taking over America and stealing all the jobs. I guess the boomer forgot that in 2019, everyone has a camera phone and people were recording him and laughing their ass off at him. As baby boomers lose their minds due to dementia, they are going to start behaving like complete maniacs and it’s gonna be awesome. No one is coming to the defense of the boomers. Maybe the boomers shouldn’t have spent their entire lives abusing and hating on the youth?