Icewind Dale is Better than Modern RPGs By a Long Shot

icewind dale

Icewind Dale, originally released in 2000, is a well-known RPG legend from Black Isle Studios. Remastered edition from 2014 from Beamdog Software is essentially the same game (same story, same environment, same music), but with much improved mechanics and added elements to deserve the title “enhanced edition”. Complete package is included – original game, plus the two datadiscs: “Heart of Winter” and “Trials of the Luremaster”. User controls have been significantly improved (except some of the AI scripts are behaving oddly) and the game also contains a few quests that were dropped out of the original, and scores of new spells and items have been added (finding items in loot is more randomized than in the sister game “Baldur’s Gate”). If you are a fan of the original Icewind Dale, or a consummate player of old-school RPGs, then you shouldn’t miss this edition.

Not too much story compared to Baldur’s Gate, it’s more combat oriented. There’s no banter between party members, so for me it’s rather quiet when you’re in a dungeon and it’s just listening to the water drip. It’s still a fun game that you can make your own 1-6 person party however you see fit to do so. It has some replayability in regards to the level cap being 30, so you can take your first party through on higher difficulty to hit the cap if you so desire, or reroll in to a brand new party and play differntly.

Funny how the least of the Infinity Engine titles is still a brilliant game in its own right, eh? Icewind Dale is like a single-player PnP campgaign of Dungeons and Dragons. You build and command all of your party members, and roam about the freezing north completing quests and solving mysteries. The writing is generally very solid, the frozen and forbidding atmosphere compelling, and the “Enhanced Edition” a marked improvement over the original.