Ida Schmidt is a Liar

Denies denial

An update on the DoS: she stopped because she got caught. The DoS stopped when she found out about the first article.
But instead of owning up to it she just lied!

This is sadly typical deception by feminists: just deny, deny, deny, avoid responsibility. But then she went farther and encouraged other people to do the same thing she was doing. Maybe someone competent will try it next time. Theyll still fail but maybe they won’t embarrass themselves.

She was running a web server and she must have noticed our IP in the we server logs because she took it down. We should have archived it, but who expected her to lie about it and try to cover her tracks? Live and learn.

What kind of security professional runs a DoS from her own home IP address? Feminists are so stupid. A lesser man would have sent these logs and the proof to her ISP already.

But even though she took the web server down (it looks like it was for streaming and she even put a copyright notice on it with her real name) she didn’t stop resolving the IP address. Even now is still IP address Here is an link for proof:

Logs prove it was The archive links prove that her IP was If you look at her browser (Ubuntu) you will see it is the same version of linux as her version of ssh OpenSSH 7.6p1 Ubuntu 4ubuntu0.3 (Ubuntu Linux; protocol 2.0) which is still open on port 22 on

Admit what you did and don’t lie, Ida!