Ida Schmidt of Phoenix, Arizona, is DoSing our Blog

stop DoSing us

We have traced the IP address of the person who is DoSing our blog which is why the blog has been down at times over the past few days. Here is the full info about her, actually she is a shemale so you might want to refer to her as a he. Anyway here is her info:

IP trace 1

IP trace 2

DoS Method: iftop

Name: Ida Schmidt

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

IP address:

Her Email:

Her Fediverse profile:

Her PayPal which has her real picture:

Her LinkedIn:

Her Twitter:

Her Reddit account:

Her GitHub:

Her GitLab:

Her portfolio:

Her contacts:

Her Keybase:

Her liberapay:

Her ko-fi:

My message to Ida: Stop DoSing our blog and I will delete this article because I am such a nice guy. I am actually pro-trans and support trans rights so I have no enmity against you.