Ignore and Avoid Degenerate Slutty Women

avoid em

The modern western woman will give up her fertile years and spend her youth being a sex object and chasing retarded goals that will have no positive impact on their future. Feminism tells them that they are happy when they go to college even though they don’t even want to be there so they pick some useless major that is easy so they can waist time partying and collecting STDs.

And the thing that pisses me off the most is that they want to normalize all this degenerate behavior as if its normal. They even try to shame you if you don’t want marry a woman with a past like that. I saw a movie the other day where the wife was exposed to be a whore in college and that she fucked literally hundreds of dudes back then and the husband was shamed and made to look like a asshole because he felt lied to that she didn’t talk about her past to him before he married her. They want you to work hard just so you can support these whores when their biological clock is up. By marry, I mean use you as a financial provider while she treats you like shit, continues fucking Chad, and then finally assrapes you in divorce court and steals your house, car, kids, and savings. NEVER marry a modern western woman!

One solution to this issue is to stop giving them any attention. Stop giving women money when they ask for it. If a woman has a past of being a degenerate don’t give her any attention. Don’t give them a chance to suddenly change their ways and want a family now that they are aging and have 4 STDs. Marry younger women, I’m saying girls from ages 18-22 should be the ideal range to wife them up. If she is in that age range and not a whore then she’s good to go AND if she is from a non-western non-feminist country.