Iris and the Giant is a Weird New Indie Game


A heavy hearted, card collecting, rogue lite with beautiful visuals and depressing tones. I really enjoy what I’ve played up to this point and the game overall feels like it stands out amongst the sea of ccg roguelites. Ultimately a really well thought out game and it’s pretty dang fun. If you like Slay the Spire you will enjoy this.

Note that I have encountered a few bugs at this point and am only three hours in. Especially when it comes to stealing cards and your on the your last hand. I’ve been able to recreate this a few times. I put a lot of time into the demo, and the save data carries over – so I’m gonna count that experience here, don’t worry about the play time.

We have another Slay the spire – type game here, with a very unique visual approach, simplistic art and shapes to contrast the cutscenes of Memories.

Here’s the basics – you attack, and then every enemy able to do so is going to perform it’s action.
Maybe that means it attacks, maybe it triggers an effect on other enemies, maybe it needs a turn to cooldown before performing, but you can always mouse over a thing – including enemies – to see how they tick, so you don’t just charge in blind.

You get a 30 card deck, and here’s my major issue with the game – when you use a card, it’s gone for good – and in additiion to this – when you run out of cards, it’s game over.

I didn’t agree it’s a good method with the demo, and I still don’t agree with it.
Phantom Rose ( another card roguelike game ) suffered from this issue, and made sure to give the player a
constant small amount of base attack, and def cards- only gained cards are used.
This game does not do this, and You actually don’t seem to be able to set your deck, either.
That’s a bit of an issue for me, I’ll look a bit more into it.
But if the devs intend you to start with a certain pile of cards, and not build a deck – that’s fine – but balance the game accordingly.

As for that difficulty – it’s gonna be a trip if you think you’re gonna defeat every enemy, on every floor.
Because, as any player of a game liek this would tell you, you’re gonna need to kill everything to advance.

Well, you don’t here. You simply need the stairs to advance to be in front of your character ( as in , the first row )

This is where the game is weirder than you would expect from screenshots.
All the maps act as if they were Pez-Dispensers, and each column of the map holds enemies, chests, trinkets, rocks, stairs, etc.
if you remove the thing in the front of the column, it slides into place at the end of the turn.
When the stairs are in the first row near your character, you can click on them – and progress.
You can also click on golden chests, Diamond memory icons, little urns, and small rocks with gems in em.
You CANNOT click on rocks ot remove them, and the game does a good job of hiding things behind the rocks ( as in behind several of them, in the form of a secret staircase ) but each rock requires two hits from everything, no matter what, it seems.

So if you wanna hunt out that secret – or perhaps the map placed some in front of a chest, you’re losing two cards per rock.
And since cards don’t come back, you’re gonna want to avoid this. The alternative to this is to rush through the maps, killing as little as possible, and just rushing through it to the stairs ( you really don’t need to kill an enemy, unless it’s in front of the stairs. )

I feel like this creates a poor balance. And in my first run here on the full release ( with my few hours of demo data in-tact ) I ended up losing to a thing that hit me for 39 damage in one hit, and it’s not a boss… just a thing on the map. Game is fun, I like the art style – But I stand by the points I made with the demo – it needs some balancing to prevent you from losing JUST bc you run out of cards, this game has a nasty way of making you sift through tons of cards.