Is Final Fantasy 14 Shadowbringers Good or Bad?


I just hope that in 6.0 we’re going somewhere more interesting and fresh than bizarrro world Eorzea. 6.0 is going to be about more garlean bullshit, piloted by Oda. It’s going to suck, just like every other part of the game where garleans were involved. I get the feeling many of the nations will just be dungeons, trials or Eureka. Dalmasca is just a 24 man. Bozja will be Eurka. Werlyt might end up being an 8 man trial vs weapon. He’s still reliant on magitek for some reason (maybe personal-preference, Emet-Selch didn’t exactly need a fucking gun for instance) and Garleans have pretty much the best gear on the planet short of whatever Gerolt farts out. People say that Elidibus is the ultimate 4d chess player, but really it was Lahabrea. He sealed part of his essence in Thancred and will come back once Elidibus is killed since he was the biggest threat to Lahabrea. There’s a reason why Lahabrea was constantly mentioned. I’m actually excited for Zenos to try and mantle Zodiark and get completely eaten since supposedly the Ancients’ echo is far and beyond what we have, but they were still tempered. Square Enix isn’t attending PAX East to avoid catching the black rose virus. 2nd Umbral is probably the coolest to see along with 4th (fall of allag). I honestly like the XIV setting enough that I would be happy seeing it get spinoffs or being an enduring setting a’la Ivalice. As much as I like the first and it would have felt ‘cheaper’ the war of the magi era would have been interesting to see. I can see it happening. You got Skatay (Veena Viera or whoever the white ones are), you got Golmore Jungle (Rava), you have Lea Monde (new capital), Valnain (IVth HQ), Greylic’s Bend (not clear what it is, save its the africa style cape you have to pass by to reach the far east), the Westersands and Eastersands. We’ll find out if it happens with 5.25 and where Bozja is + what’s going on, if it’s something that can be done in patch content or not. One of my suspects is 6.0 is Othard, 7.0 is Garlemald. But I could also see 6.0 be Garlemald. I’m just worried that Garlemald capital will be a dungeon. With the civil war raging that can easily say that most of it was destroyed and became a battlefield.