Is it just me or is it getting CRAZIER out there?

We are all clowns now

This world is truly becoming a clown world and insane. Doctors destroy people’s health. Religions destroy spirituality. Police oppress people instead of protect. Food poisons you instead of nourishes you. Lawyers destroy justice. Women destroy men’s lives in divorce rather than being good wives and mothers. This whole world is utterly insane and most young white men have woken up to it. That’s why the Elite is trying so hard to demonize young white men as evil and bad or whatever. Young white men are the only real threat to the Elite’s power since young white men are spreading the truth through memes. Memes can destroy the lies and the illusions of the (((ruling elite))).

Boomers are scum and have gone along with this agenda for decades. Boomers intentionally sabotaged and destroyed their male children’s lives due to envy, evil, or maybe just being a retarded NPC robot. The whole “young white men are evil” idea started being promoted very heavily in the late 90s and boomers ate this hook line and sinker. Yes, young white men are evil because we are too intelligent for the boomers to control, which is why the boomer bosses decided to fire and get rid of all the young white male employees and replace us with cheap immigrant labor who they can control easily. Well boomers, guess what? Those diversities that you hired to replace us are also going to be the ones working in the retirement homes.

I guess shitting all over young white men wasn’t such a great long term plan, after all, eh?