Japanese Women LOVE White Men! 日本の女性は白人男性が大好き!

White men are better lovers than asian men

The great thing about Japan is that any white guy, even a dorky white guy, can go there and get super hot Japanese women. Lately, Japanese men have started protesting against white men who come to Japan and get a Japanese girl. Why are asian men so jealous of white men? Japanese women love white men because white men are confident and handsome. Instead of acting like a bunch of cry babies, Japanese men should step up their game and learn to compete with white men.

It’s no different than in America where white women hate Asian women because Asian women are vastly superior to white women and thus so many white men are going for Asian women. If you are a white guy and reading this, I very strongly encourage you to visit Asia. You will be utterly shocked at how hot the women are, how feminine Asian women are. Some good places to visit are Japan, Thailand, South Korea, and the Philippines.

Once you experience an Asian woman, you will never look at a white woman ever again. White women are the worst women on earth and that is why most white guys don’t want them anymore. White women cannot compete in a global dating market because foreign women are just so much better than white women.

To the Japanese men reading this: Stop being a bunch of pussies and learn game, learn some confidence, and stop blaming white men for your own failures at dating and romance. It’s really pathetic, dudes.