John Earnest is a Mentally-ill Christian

Christians are crazy

Another mentally ill christian snapped and went on a shooting spree. This time it was a 19 year old named John Earnest and he went and shot up a synagogue in southern California, killing 1 jew and injuring 4. Why are Christians so mentally sick? It’s almost like Christianity is a mind-virus. You never see buddhists or hindus walking around in public ranting at themselves and everyone else like a crazy homeless person.

Jesus never even existed in the first place. There is not one single scholar or historian who existed in 1AD Palestine who mentioned him even once. Funny because if someone was going around raising the dead, feeding thousands, and yet no one thought to even mention him? The first known record of the mention of the character called Jesus only popped up a couple of centuries later. Therefore it is no wonder that Christians are mentally ill. They are worshiping a fictional character who was basically a communist anti-government protester.

If you are a Christian and are reading this? You need help. And the truth can set you free. Go to and read that site thoroughly. It’s time for you to give up your mental illness called Christianity and become sane. I remember what it was like to be a Christian. It was like being possessed. Once I gave it up, I felt tremendous mental freedom, like a fog had been lifted from my mind. Christianity is basically the Alzheimer’s of religion. Try reading Buddhist books or Hindu books. You’ll feel much happier.