Legalizing Prostitution Can Help Protect Women

help men too

Prostitution should be legal. It is better men who lack self control visit a prostitute than defile women who otherwise could make happy wives and mothers. All men should vigorously protect their daughters and murder any man who tried to have sex with them before marriage. If you let your daughter have premarital sex, you should get the bullet too.

Women are damaged irreparably by premarital sex. They cannot form strong emotional attachments to future men. If you want to have sex, go to a women society has set aside for that position. They are already damaged and it is their own choice. What is happening now is that all women are being turned into prostitutes by lascivious men. I have more respect for prostitutes than the average modern woman as they don’t pretend their saints. There’s no false pretense of them being a princess.

Prostitution does not destroy anything, it exists as long as cities exist. Even with outright bans it was and is still available in some form or other through loopholes or downright bribery of police/guards. You’ll always have sexually frustrated men with money, and you’ll always have wretched women no good for anything else. Why not solve both problems?

If sexually frustrated men hire prostitutes, at least they are dealing with a real person and might actually interact with real humans. Porn doesn’t provide that. Thots are crazy and carry real world consequences. I was a frustrated, angry incel throughout all of college. Went to Europe a few times for work after graduation, banged a few hookers, and mellowed out. Slowly became less autistic, and while I’m a far cry from a normie, I’m nowhere near as much of a sperg as I used to be.

Always pay up front. Especially if it’s an actual brothel. Also, never pick up streetwalkers, they’re nasty and far more likely to be diseased and have no qualms about ripping you off.

I live in a rural area where the pool of pussy is limited, well known and over-utilized. So, during dry spells, post divorce, I have sought, found and paid for sexual services. Every time I’ve done that I felt reinvigorated and my confidence boosted. No shame, no guilt. Prostitution has its place. I think seeing a real whore is a better use of money than a cam whore. It’s a much better experience. Though uts trickier to set up visit with a real whore. But after trying real whores. It’s likely a person may never go back to cam whores.