Legalizing Prostitution would DESTROY Feminism Overnight

If men could get sex easy and cheaply and legally...

There is no greater threat to feminism than prostitution. Especially legalized prostitution. Think about it. If you could get sex with a hot 9/10 or 10/10 woman for the same amount of money you would spend taking a 5/10 out on a date, then what sane man would even bother with dating anymore? You could just spend 150 dollars to buy an escort for one hour, or you could waste 6 hours or even your entire night taking some dumb bitch out on a date with the HOPE that she MIGHT spread her legs for you. With prostitution, sex is a guaranteed thing.

This is why feminists are against legalizing prostitution, and one of the first things feminists did was to make prostitution illegal. By making it illegal for men to get easy and cheap sex, women have created a situation where men are in an artificial state of sexual scarcity. This in turn makes it much easier to CONTROL men, since a thirsty, desperate man is much easier to control.

We’ve talked enough about the problems of feminism. Let’s start to talk about solutions. Now, I don’t even care if prostitution gets legalized in America because even if it was legal, the stupid bitches would overcharge. 200, 300 dollars for one hour. If you took that same money to a place like Tijuana, Mexico, you could go to a fully secured, safe brothel with an attached hotel and you could bang like 4 or 5 women for that same price. So which would you rather do? Pay for an overpriced ugly American white bitch? Or bang 5 hot exotic brown women for the same price?