Legends of Aria Negative Review


Do not waste your time with this game period. Its nothing but a Gank Box. When you only played a few hours have someone come kill you while you are mining and take nearly all you have is nothing but BS. This game is designed for people who want to be food for Gankers period. If they truly wanted good PVP they wouldnt go into the Starting Mine in helm and kill a person with 50 mining and nothing else taking his stuff. Just look at the population of this game from Steam charts. 136 Average players per day with a peak of 208. That says it all.

I use to love UO, I played from 1998 until 2003 when SWG came out. The first time I was PKed the guy rezzed me, said to me I dont have much stuff. He asked if I was new and I told him I only been playing for a week. Then he took and showed me how to play the game. This was on the server Great Lakes before I took a break and came back on Catskills. The difference between UO and LoA is that in UO a lot of times PKers protected friends and didnt just make everyone their food. My 2 friends were very well known on Catskills as PKers, Pathos and Wrexsoul. I did Champ spawns with them and they would never attack me and would always help me if I was attacked.

You can literally get killed in the starting town running from shop to shop as a new player. Everything I read says its not possible when you are under protection… yeah I call BS since I was at a merchant under the protection and in murder is not tolerated in this area… I was merc’d every time, not even by the same person.

I mean I understand this is supposed to be heavy PVP, but there is a difference between PVP and just straight ganking.
PVP suggest you have some kind of a chance and at the very least not in town standing at a merchant in a supposedly safe area…

This game is not PVP, its Player get griefed by player.
It 100% supports griefing and is not new player friendly at all.

Nothing worse than making a toon, buying gear, logging off for the night after a couple hours of grinding in the newbi dungeon, then log in the next day and get killed everytime you spawn in the supposed “PVP prohibited areas”. Losing everything in the process.

No place is safe, Even the zones that say pvp is prohibited. Either the devs are straight up lying or they’ve found a glitch.
I am convinced this game is Just vet players that are Jerk offs with tiny privates trying to prove something to themselves bc they are losers with no real prospects in life. This is their way of trying to make themselves feel better by bullying others.

Its no wonder this game is crap and dying. Good luck jerk offs when the game shuts down bc no one will pay for it due to you not allowing new players to join.
They’ve already shutdown the majority of the servers and the game is just now in official release…
Not a great start, its only a matter of time.
I’ll be glad when the game dies.
The devs are idiots.

They released paid DLC before the game was even in official release bc they are desperate for funds since the game is dying due to Gankers and Griefers. This game is 100% pro Griefiers. Again, I say, New players HAVE NO CHANCE. Don’t even waste your time trying.