Legends of Mana is Best Mana Game

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I could never finish it, something about the structure of the game makes it feel disjointed and arbitrary. Like, what is the story? What is my motivation? It just feels like I’m doing abstract side-quests in a world that makes no sense.

Legend of Mana! Such amazing art, music abd storytelling. A wonderfully deep and complex crafting system and designed with lots of replay in mind. Then they make the combat clunky and horrible and put in extra difficulty modes without actually testing if they work right so that whole crafting system and replay is mostly pointless. It’s Squeenix in a perfect nutshell.

What they did was have like 4 or 5 different story arcs which you experience bit by bit. I remember one of them is helping a couple big shot lieutenants of what’s basically Hell. Another involves these people called the Jumi whose life essence is tied to these gems they’re born with. Anyway, each of them has an absolutely epic finale.

Disjointed storytelling? Absolutely, but that’s the price to pay for the non-linear nature of the game. The storytelling is my favorite thing about the game. It’s like a collection of short stories that interweave with each other and you can play though in what order you like. I wish more games tried for something like that.

There’s the SaGa games for that, Legend of Mana’s the way it is because it was produced and co-directed by Kawazu. It’s a Mana meets SaGa game, many of the special techs are taken straight from SaGa games too and the game has cross bonus content if you import SaGa Frontier 2’s data into it, likewise, SaGa Frontier 2 has bonus items only accessible if you import LoM’s data, both games were made by mostly the same team too, which is also why they share similar visuals. Even the No Future mode is a reference to the first Frontier game.