Let's Visit the DMT Dimension Together

DMT head

What insight can we gain through visiting the DMT dimension and contacting the beings there? Before you say this is not political we know the elites are already doing this, so why shouldn’t we? I don’t know. Why shouldn’t you? Anyone can easily extract DMT from plants if they have the willing to do it. I did it years ago, I made enough for maybe five threshold doses. I did one, it was enough. I scattered the rest in a parking garage. Has anybody noticed that the machine elves have been complete dicks since Joe Rogaine started smoking DMT and then spinning backwards roundhouse kicking the archons as they tried to pull him into the omnidimension? Fell down a wormhole, lived life in reverse till I appeared in my current form on a beach where the sun was setting. Could feel the spirit of my dead father there. God was in the sky, huge, looking down on me. Faceless, white robed like a cloud and glowing. Can’t tell if my image of him is because of the historical image or if the historical image is from people’s natural DMT near death experience where they met him. He told me everything would be ok then touched my forehead between my eyes and I woke up. The thing is I had suicidal thoughts from prescription drug side effects for 17 years and never had a suicidal thought again after he touched me.

DMT is a lot different….its an extremely energetic substance. The come up basically feels like your brain has been beamed into heaven. except instead of yahweh and angels its full of geometric hindu deities and everything is made of electricity. Every atom of your body/mind and all of existence begins to resonate at the same frequency as your ego dissolves and your consciousness breaks apart. from there it feels a bit like your brain is in a wild blender and with a high enough dose you’ll be approached by loads of bizarre entities. jesters, little creatures made of transforming lego blocks, beings of light, basically anything your imagination happens to conjure while in this fucked up state. It’s a wild ride and then its over in 5 minutes. can be scary as fuck or feel completely enlightening….pretty random. i get more out of a solemn shroom trip than a crazy dmt trip, but theyre still very memorable and give you a taste of a set of subjective experiences that are impossible to access while sober. on a good dose the only thing left to say when its over is “what the fuck”.

(disclaimer: this was taken from a 4chan thread. I have never done DMT myself, altho I might like to)