Liberal Women Love Conservative Men

Real men

I looked up “relationship forums” and subreddits with search terms like “boyfriend is right-wing/conservative/racist”.

-a ton of women preface how their boyfriend is great in every single way

-but he is right-wing and keeps trying to get into political discussions

-despite her being apolitical or “left-leaning moderate”

-she just wants to not worry about politics

-I even saw a thread about a left-winger, who got annoyed that his wife adopts his position on anything, except for having her own opinions, because she agreed that she supported the occupy wallstreet movement, but couldn’t tell him why

(so that’s the other side of the story, sometimes women just agree with you on everything politically, which is the other way of women being apolitical)

-then there are lots of women, who get very stressed out, when her boyfriend talks about politics, because they don’t have the vocabulary to properly argue with him and feel stupid

-there there are women, who feel stressed out, because she notices her boyfriend being angry or frustrated about muslims or immigrants and women really don’t like this visions of doom about the future and just not worry about it

The hilarious thing is also that especially on reddit everyone keeps advising women to break up with their boyfriend over such things and talk about how racism and right-wingers are horrible. Then the woman is actually in a position, where she has to defend her boyfriend and he is just misunderstood, not actually racist.

I think this thread is imporant. We shouldn’t treat women like they are guys. They can’t deal with blackpills. They don’t want to think about the end of western civilization. It’s pointless to ever try to have a serious conversation with a woman.

Another interesting point is that all these so called liberal feminist women do NOT date the weak leftist soyboy men but date conservative men. Most liberal men are either gay or soyboys and so the only men left are conservative men. Anyway fuck dating or relationships, better go to MGTOW and avoid all women except for prostitutes. At least with prostitutes you just pay money, get sex, and that’s it. No games or bullshit drama. Also the average prostitute is far hotter than the average normal woman anyway.