Life Starts Getting Enjoyable for Men in their Late 30s

hang in there

If you’re a good looking guy at “45” you can still land attractive 30-year old pussy—-but no beer bellies, bald spots, or other bullshit. If you’re one of those guys that ages like fine wine, you’ll have no trouble pulling early 30s pussy—-not necessarily on the online dating sites as women tend to block you if you’re over “40” bur rather in real life where you don’t even look your age. Imagine teaching 39, staying fit and healthy, but having nothing to show except a wageslave job. Could have easily settled down with a decent guy at 20, been a mother and housewife, and actually enjoyed life more. I sure hope you women enjoy ignoring the laws of nature. I sure hope you enjoy putting off finding a stable partner and a family all so you can prioritize your career. I hope you enjoy making lots of money and buying a big house that will be empty with you being the sole occupant. I hope you enjoy growing old with your bags of money and no one but uncaring wagies to look after you in your infirmity. I hope you enjoy becoming increasingly desperate to find a good partner to go steady with only to realize that you’ve ruined your chances of ever finding someone of quality. You’ve screwed yourself over and you’ve fallen for the social programming. I am so sorry.

The female entitlement lasts well into their 60’s. Thats why you see these 60 year old mothers getting plastic surgery and posting on Instagram. They want to be in pictures with their roastie whore daughters in the hopes that some young chad will give them attention or fuck their brains out late night after prom. Social media was the final destroyer of females. They can go through their entire lives completely narcissistic and some beta simp will still shower them with attention.