Magic the Gathering Arena Game, an Honest Discussion

good or bad

It’s not a direct upgrade because Hand of Death’s effect text is phrased funnier. That’s the case with all games though. Competitive tactics are never fun to play against, because they’re designed to be as cut throat and unfair for the competition as possible. Does Arena even have old Legacy cards? Like Ice Age block? I know free program that lets you play Mtg. There was a promotion at the beginning of the year where you could play with no restrictions decks that included Vintage cards like Black Lotus, Time Walk, etc, but I’m pretty sure that’s gone now. What’s the point then. Forge lets me use almost all old cards, if I want to. They unironically thought people would only use the second ability on Food tokens to make a 3/3 not considering the value in turning your opponents threats into 3/3. They also made his first two abilities 2 and +1 because we all know 3CMC planeswalkers are too weak and die easily and need help. Literally no one thinks the game doesn’t suffer from power creep if you account for literally every card. There’s a reason why formats are a thing. How do you guys have fun playing if there’s one fat autist in your playgroup that sucks the fun out of every game with his bullshit? What’s up with magic lately? 30 sets come out + 1 secret lair i guess i didn’t see comingnew decks+collector talk about wallet fatigue.