an Awesome New Forum

Kool guys

I just found an awesome new message board called Male Privilege at

Pretty cool guys there and it’s got a mood of free speech. Obviously, since in male-only spaces, men can truly speak their mind and not have to worry about being judged by women. The sad thing, most men are terrified of being judged or criticized by women. This is why women HATE male-only spaces because women cannot control those men. It’s like a child who has been left out by his group of friends and is screaming bloody murder and throwing a tantrum. The scary truth is, women have the mentality of children. How can equality exist? Equality is a lie, and there is no such thing as equality in nature. In nature, in the animal kingdom, you are either dominating or being dominated.

Anyway back to the topic. So yea, go and join the forum. Unless you’re a woman, then fuck off. You’ll get banned instantly anyway.

I read some interesting quotes from Andrew Anglin on an article he wrote about incels recently. His said “Any society that leaves huge numbers of men without sex is a totally failed society on the brink of collapse.”. This is true. Sex and marriage is what motivates men to work hard and make money. But what’s the point of making money and working hard and getting married if your dumb bitch wife can just steal your house and money from you in divorce? I strongly recommend you to never, ever marry an American woman. The divorce system in America is extremely biased against husbands and everyone knows this.

MGTOW 4 lyfe, baby!!!