Marriage Has Become Even More of a Financial Scam for Men

marriage scam

Some bitch sued her ex-husband in divorce court for “time lost working in order to raise her children”. I thought it was called alimony but now there’s an entirely new category for this. Marriage has just become even WORSE of a financial decision for men. Here’s a few men’s comments regarding this particular case:

Well, if she wants to be paid as if she never had any kids (and as if kids are not a reward in themselves), then she should have no further contact with her children or children’s children, ever. The first time she attempts to make that contact, she owes all her backwages to her ex-husband. She should also be banned from seeing her kids or kid’s kids ever again. She asked for the time to be turned back as if she never had a family or kids. By that rationale, she should be back to that: no kids, no family, no half marital assets either – only what she brought in.

If the woman really wanted to pursue her career she could have taken maternal leave then continued working. She chose to be a stay at home mom, and received all the benefits associated with that lifestyle. That woman then chose to whine about not continuing her career to receive more money on top of an already fair settlement (half of what they had together). While it’s not stated in the article, I would wager that the man will still have to pay her alimony payments for years to come. Just how is that supposed to be equality?

I saw already thirty years ago men avoiding marriage because of disastrous financial consequences. I am one of them. So this is not new but another turn for the worse.

Better still. Men should be aware that almost 50% of marriages fail within a few years. They would be wise not to marry or live in a defacto relationship. Enjoy temporary friendships without commitment. This is the only way men can protect their income and assets. Scary… if this is the trend nowadays, who would want to get married?! This kind of ruling is only supporting the further dismemberment of family values. Shame on this “justice” system.

Intelligent men should give up any idea of marriage or even living together with a woman. The few advantages of living together are more than offset by its disadvantages. If a man needs sex he can get it in many ways without the risk of being trapped. And if he wants children he should consider adoption.