Marriage is Not Worth it Anymore

MGTOW forever

Is marriage worth it, some men ask?

Not anymore. It’s very likely you’ll get cucked. Both by her and the government.

If you manage to find a kissless virgin, then go for it. If it fails, at least you’ll have the satisfaction that you didn’t waste thousands of dollars on a wedding that was organized solely for her to be the center of attention for one day.

Author’s comment: I reject the above advice. Even if she is a pure virgin, the SYSTEM itself is anti-male and will turn even a good girl into a bad bitch. Marriage to ANY woman is fucking retarded. Until the system itself changes, and stops punishing men by ruining their lives in divorce court and bankrupting them into alimony and child support payments, you should boycott the institution of marriage.
(end of Author’s comment)

Women can divorce rape you for any reason at all so it’s not truly worth it. Its essentially legal slavery. If you don’t do every single fucking thing she wants she’ll divorce you. If she divorces you you have to give her money every month and if you don’t you go to jail. The feminist legal system is essentially jabbing hooks into the hearts of young men and brainwashing women into being cunts that will tug on those chains as much as she can. The only way for men to be free is to rip out their own hearts and live a life of redpilled living where they don’t get enslaved by a woman until society collapses and we can essentially own women again.