Marry a White Woman, They Said

lies and lies

One of the most beautiful women in the world was outed as pretending to be battered by her innocent chad husband. Why are white women evil?

White women are put on a pedestal from birth. They’re taught that they’re princesses and men who are mean to them like them. They never have to think for themselves or work for a living, they never develop any logical thinking skills and coast through life.

White women have a victim complex. They will make shit up for attention with no regard of who it hurts or what the repercussions are. Beautiful my ass. Most of world is cucked into believing that almost any white woman is ‘beautiful’. All I see is a goblin covered in makeup. Try again, white trash. White women are the ugliest women on earth. Brown women on the other hand, have natural beauty.

I pity any man stupid and pathetic enough to marry a white woman in the modern day. Modern white women are sociopathic monsters.